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My Article in the Huffington Post!

I’m pretty thrilled to have this piece in Huffpost Personal published today! Yesterday, International Women’s Day, was the anniversary of my surgery, but the conversation I recount in the first paragraph of this article happened exactly a year ago today. How’s … Continue reading

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On Pain and Perspective

So far today, I have not been overcome by fatigue. Nor have I struggled against pain and discomfort. It’s not quite noon yet, and I’ve been up since eight. So this has been a good morning. I’ve even had enough … Continue reading

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A Video Conversation with the Incomparable Lesley Everest

Lesley Everest, a cherished old friend who is a minister, transformation companion, and doula –in addition to being a miraculous cancer survivor, amazing mom, and extraordinary person– has honoured me with this interview, the first on her brand new site, … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything #10: Staying Positive

This is the last question from the college class, and it’s an important one. How do you stay positive? Don’t you ever think this is unfair, or ask why me? I do believe that our attitudes are, to a considerable … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything #5: Regrets

(This “ask me anything” answer is in response to a class of young college students’ questions.) Do you have any regrets? Or, is there anything you would have done differently in your life if you’d known you’d die at this … Continue reading

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October Update

I haven’t written here in a while, mostly because we had a long bout of fantastically sunny, summery weather, making it impossible to sit in front of my laptop, and then I had a wonderful week in the Baltic visiting … Continue reading

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Roy’s Blog: The eye of the storm

Roy wrote this post that perfectly expresses the strange in-between state we are in with this cancer thing. I was going to write about this time of relative wellness, but he has done it for me with just the right … Continue reading

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On Giving Gifts

I have written here before about receiving gifts, and of the sweetness of gratitude. I do believe that gratitude is one of the cornerstones of happiness. But lately I’ve been thinking even more of giving gifts, of what I want … Continue reading

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On Motherhood

I’ve been a mother half my life. Nearly a quarter century, and most of my adulthood. In all that time, I have been trying to figure out how to mother in a way that feels right. Or at least with … Continue reading

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On a new normal

This is a strange space to inhabit. I’m not feeling that sick at the moment, and in my dreams I am still healthy. So I wake most mornings feeling perfectly fine. The emotional intensity of the first weeks after my … Continue reading

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On Creativity

I have always loved art, both looking at it and making it. Since becoming ill (actually since the US election, which might very well be what made me sick), my need for visual art has intensified. If I had more … Continue reading

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