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Recommended Reading

Check out my reviews of recent books on death, dying, illness, and grief. So many excellent books!

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July Update

It is already July, and the lilies are blooming! I had hoped to enjoy some chemo-free months this summer, but it seems that is not to be. My disease is progressing quickly again, so I will be starting the second … Continue reading

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Spring Update

I’m not on my deathbed just yet! Friends are surprised when they see me out and about at a café or art gallery, looking unexpectedly well (despite also looking grotesquely pregnant), so it seems another update is in order. The … Continue reading

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On Trees

It is May Day, but spring has been late to this part of the planet. The daffodils are just starting to bloom, but their trumpeting seems tentative, not blasting like some springs, and the tulips aren’t yet brave enough to … Continue reading

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Roy’s Blog: Let’s Dance

Here’s another inspired piece of writing by Roy about love and dancing and him and me on his blog.

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On Curiosity

The theme this month at the Unitarian Church (a non-doctrinal, inter-faith community with a long history) I go to is curiosity. I like this: curiosity sounds like such a positive, life-affirming, even playful state of being to me. It’s also … Continue reading

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On Imagining

Last October (2017) I was sitting in a café with Roy and took out my journal to write. I didn’t feel like writing. The cafe was too crowded and busy, not a space for that kind of inward focus. So … Continue reading

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