On Susan’s Last Days

This is Roy, Susan’s partner, passing through her blog to share a few things. It has been just over four months since Susan died. I know many of you are wondering how Susan’s death project ended. I have written an account of her last days, and of her death and burial. To respect this precious place that Susan created and nurtured, I have chosen to post pieces on those events on my own blog at The Long Goodbye. I continue to write through my own grieving process, and about Susan, and her lasting effect on me and others. The Death Project will remain here as Susan wanted.

Susan, at the stream


“Each that we lose takes part of us”
Emily Dickinson

About Roy Cross

father, life-partner. professor, filmmaker, writer, alchemist.
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9 Responses to On Susan’s Last Days

  1. Perpetua says:

    Hi Roy, thank you for the update. I think of her often and you. Will be following your site as well. Take care and nurture the memory of Susan.

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  2. janfalls says:

    Thank you for this Roy. Please know that Susan is not forgotten by so many of us who loved and admired her from a distance. She taught me so much; it is good you will continue to share this.
    my best to you, Janice

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  3. Hayven says:

    Thanks Roy. Take care of yourself, I will be reading your words on your blog.

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  4. Kevin Young says:

    Hugs Roy,Sitting out on the deck in Mexico, thinking how lucky you were to have known Susan and shared the joys and sorrow.Now she lives on through you eyes ,so keep them open and brigh, may you heal quickly. Take care of yourself and the kids

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  5. Create Space says:

    Susan and her blog left an impact on my life and although I only knew her a short while, she and you often come to mind. Thank you for your update and beautiful photo of Susan.

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  6. Suze says:

    thank you for the update….she meant the world to me for only a short time. I can’t imagine the pain of losing her that you feel. Bless you.

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