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WordPress asked me to write about my blog title, so here that is, along with a few other title stories! What’s the Story Behind your Site Title?

My decision for the site name was quite spontaneous: titles either come to me in a flash or not at all (that is, in an agony of prolonged indecision and dissatisfaction). I did, however, have many second thoughts about this one. I know The Death Project sounds harsh and even off-putting to many readers, which is certainly not what site owners want! But I really wanted to confront people with our cultural fear and denial of death. I wanted to say, this is what is happening to me, and I challenge you to not look away. I challenge you to look more deeply with me. Because while I’m the one dying at the moment, you too will die. We all have a death project, whether we want to engage with it or not. That death project is life.

So I think the name speaks well of that aspect of the blog. People might think it sounds negative, but my posts are gentle and focused on the positive in death and dying, exploring how embracing our mortality is what truly makes life meaningful and beautiful. Death is what makes love so crucial. The title doesn’t do much to articulate these other themes that I explore, but I hope it brings people in. Maybe I need a subtitle!

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17 Responses to My Blog Title

  1. I do not encourage you to add a subtitle. Sentimentalizing your work is to water down the depths. The word death itself will bring the right people at the right time.

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  2. Death is inevitable we all have to face it one day…. some know it’s coming and many just leave without even a good bye. I like reading your work.

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  3. I think your title — and your blog — and you — are beautiful!

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  4. Thanks for your words here. I really like the title of your blog. I initially started following you because of your title–it intrigued me and led me to want to read about your story. And I love this quote in your post: “Death is what makes love so crucial.” Absolutely true. We will all be dying some day. And your sharing of your experiences to us is courageous, thoughtful, and extremely generous. So I agree that it’s something at which we need to look directly. Thank you.

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  5. Val says:

    Dearest Susan💜
    Your blog title draws in readers whose expectations are about this “time in your life”. Your writing also reflects much more about your insights into many things that mean so much to you~love, regrets, accomplishments, family, happiness, acceptance.
    It is positive writing~and is inspiring us all ~we remain in awe of your strength and compassion. A subtitle could be viewed as a ‘positive’ in that offers the readers the all encompassing writing that you share, with many challenges and focuses, from years gone by until this moment. A subtitle could possibly add the beauty of this journey in a comprehensive way. It could possibly add and not take anything from your blog.
    Loving you, today, tomorrow and forever,
    Valerie & Family🙇‍♀️💜

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  6. Your title drew me in. I immediately thought you were someone facing the end bravely. It fits, maybe adding a positive sub title about life… would be okay…maybe.

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  7. Helen C says:

    Your blog title was what attracted me here. The “unknown” (what kind of blog is it?) played a large part of it. After I visited here, I decided to follow because I like who you are, and appreciate anything you share with us. Thank you, Susan.

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  8. It’s so important to change our fear of dying…by being afraid we lose focus on what’s important,”LIVING”, up to the point that we become afraid of LIVING too, life is precious no matter what we are going through…

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  9. Carla Lee says:

    Reblogged this on A Slice of Pie with a Side of Dirt and commented:
    I read Susan’s blog each time she posts! She has such a positive outlook even when dealing with her own life. I just have to share!

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  10. It was pretty easy to figure out what your blog was about from the title. I don’t think you need to change anything. You have a wonderful way with words, and I deeply appreciate you tackling the thorny issue of death so bravely. As I’ve learned from my own experience with cancer, we never really live until we confront the reality of death. Bless you.

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  11. Feather says:

    I deeply admire your beautiful, and courageous spirit. Please, don’t change a thing! I find the tittle very fitting, as it stands out, drawing readers in. I adore your blog, and I adore you as well! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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