Please Give Blood!

blood drop

Last year I received several blood transfusions and put out a call for friends and family to donate blood, especially as I no longer can. (Also to please sign their organ donor cards! I have a friend waiting for a healthy kidney.) Our blood supply in Quebec is all from unpaid donors, which is impressive considering the many restrictions to keep the supply safe. I am anemic again due to abdominal bleeding from my sarcoma, and have been prescribed two transfusions tomorrow. I feel bad taking from our blood bank without being able to give back. Since I’ve been ill many of you have asked if you can do anything to help. Could I ask a few of you to donate on my behalf? (To be clear, I am not asking for direct donations; yours would go to someone else in need.) This is an easy way to give during the holiday season! Thank you!

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  1. curioussteph says:

    Will do. I’m a regular donor and had to reschedule last week. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy having a refill after tomorrow!

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  2. lorrainebriscoe says:

    I would but I am not allowed until March due to a business trip that took me to an obscure town in Mexico last year. 😦 So frustrating. Cancun is fine apparently but not this town.

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  4. ttexturized says:

    Might become a first time donor after reading this!

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  5. Hi, Susan. This is my first time on your blog. I learned about it just today on Discover from WordPress. Anyway, as one stranger to another, I wanted to say I wish you peace and think your project (The Death Project) is a very important topic. I lost my dad to leukemia and coming to understand/confront death and dying has pushed me through the grief that once consumed me like fire.


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  8. Love Coach Laura Harju says:

    This is so important message, thank you for spreading it! I can’t give blood either because I have had leukemia, but I’m encouraging people to do it, the same way as you are. Sending you Love and Light! With love, Laura


  9. lovebug1323 says:

    This is a beautiful message, I myself can not give blood I only weigh roughly 90 pounds…just a small girl… but my father has stage 3 lung cancer and he himself has had 3 transfusions. Thankfully he is going well this holiday season and at this time is considered in remission so I do greatly applaud anyone who is able to do can truly make a difference, As for your page, I really appreciate what you have to say…I guess no one ever just sits you down and talks to a person about far I have seen my dad go through a massive heart attack (13 years ago), a stroke (8 years ago -he lost his right side and ability to speak), and now lung cancer. If anything life teaches you a lot of lessons and well to never give up. Thank you once again


  10. Dan Bohn says:

    Dear Susan,
    Bless you for your courage and diligence on confronting death. The Latin word for possible is possibilis, literally meaning, “What can be done?” It has connotations of power, capability, and capacity. You Susan are expressing the word possibilis perfectly.

    A year ago last November, my wife and I visited with my sister. It was a precious time. The day we arrived in Texas I sat on the couch next to Les, her shoulder was touching mine. Quietly we sat holding hands. In a short time I told her I could feel her spirit, and asked is she could feel mine? She said, “Yes.” Two day’s later before we left I was compelled to rest my left hand on her bald head, and hold her left hand in mine. We did not speak. She could not. I felt her spirit doing a happy dance with mine. That was my last visit, and last conversation with Les.

    Death also met me 20 years ago. My weight had gone from 202lbs to 118. My colon had been removed, and peritonitis took over. Eleven weeks in the hospital and faith the size of one half, of one half, of a mustard seed was enough to extend my days to now. I had an epiphany, and God’s healing hand touched me. I love your conviction to speak of death. Everyone will share this life event. There is no getting around it. You are a brave soul, with a kind spirit Susan.

    Addressing our post Ask Me Anything #8: Afterlife: This is my belief. One day I will take my last determining breathe, and find myself before Jesus. He will rest his hand on my shoulder, and say to God, “I know this man.” And as a child of God I too will inherit the kingdom along with all his other undeserving children. You asked, and as crazy as all that sounds, it is what I know. This free gift, this inheritance is available to everyone. Keep posting Susan, as long a possible.

    With love,
    Dan Bohn


  11. mthorius says:

    I am giving blood this afternoon; will give in your honor. You have a beautiful style. I can see why you are an English teacher. God bless you and I am holding you in His light this Christmas Season.


  12. Charis says:

    Consider it done! I’ve done it before, years ago, I really need to make this a regular priority, thanks for the nudge!


  13. Suze says:

    done! I found your blog this morning and donated this afternoon. Told the blood institute here it was in your name. Hope it helps.


  14. sssbeast says:

    No, never, I will never give blood because it might save an aliens life.


  15. is quite a good read. I just passed this on 5/7/2019 to a coworker who has been doing a little research of his own on this subject. To say thanks, he just bought me a drink! So, I should probably say: Thanks for the drink!


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