December Update!

It’s time for a fun post! I realize I’ve been all serious here and haven’t shared much about the wonderful times I’ve been having traveling to visit family, taking advantage of this small window of relative wellness.

So this is what I’m seeing tonight: La Soiree! In London! And yes, that is my son Nathan donning a blindfold for part of his act in this “saucy” Olivier Award-winning show running for three months at the Aldwych in London’s theatre district!

La Soiree act

Nathan being thrown by his porter, Max.

So life is good at the moment, filled not just with the spiritual work of dying but with some of the fun of living too.

Susan and Nathan London cafe-farm

Nathan and me at the Hackney City Farm cafe in London, where I also got to pet a goat.

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9 Responses to December Update!

  1. Kim says:

    Ah, Susan, you look so happy and well! It’s great to see. Congratulations to Nathan on his success!

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  2. Sue Britton says:

    A wonderful pre Christmas gift of your being together celebrating better health and new work for Nathan. Warm wishes. Sue

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  3. Maurice says:

    Quite touching to see you two looking so happy. Life is amazing sometimes.

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  4. Linda Santo says:

    My, how your spirit shines through that sweet face of yours! Your posts have been such a gift to me as I accompanied my precious husband Theo, neighbor of yours in Sutton, through the final months of his earthly journey. You have so inspired me by your fearless attitude in the face of death. I began to see how I could transform this time left to us. We just continued to enjoy the many beautiful things, for example, the delight of birds at our backyard feeder, ever changing light over Sutton mountains just to name a few. Theo repeated often “The world is so full of many remarkable things, we should all be as happy as kings”. I now actually believe it. Yes, we were at peace and happy. Thank you Susan, I give you a warm hug. Love you.

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    • susanbriscoe says:

      I am so sorry you have lost your dear Theo, Linda. But I am so glad you had that beautiful time together, and that the gift of delight in the world persists. Much love to you too, Linda.


  5. christine says:

    What a wonderful trip to make to see your son in his show. I hope you are feeling as well as you look. Such a beautiful photo of you and your son , smiling.:)

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  6. curioussteph says:

    Living well. The joy from you and Nathan in this photo is thrilling!

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  7. lorrainebriscoe says:

    Susan you look more beautiful than ever!

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  8. shoppers says:

    It looks like a great show.Break a leg Nate! Have fun Susan.


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