A Video Conversation with the Incomparable Lesley Everest

Lesley Everest

Lesley Everest, a cherished old friend who is a minister, transformation companion, and doula –in addition to being a miraculous cancer survivor, amazing mom, and extraordinary person– has honoured me with this interview, the first on her brand new site, This Is What a Minister Looks Like. I am so very grateful that she took the time for this conversation full of laughter and tears, and that she has shared it with us all. I know my loved ones will be grateful too!

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3 Responses to A Video Conversation with the Incomparable Lesley Everest

  1. susanbriscoe says:

    Done. Though I would like to thank you for your sharing, which I did take the liberty of reading before deleting. It was so very beautiful. So though I am sorry you have lost your mom, I am glad that you received her gift. Much love and peace to you.

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    • tetesdeviolon says:

      I did not see this right away. Thank you for reading and responding, it was meant for you, and for your good wishes, received. Wishing you the best possible days!


  2. tetesdeviolon says:

    Such a generous, spirited and insightful exchange, full of gifts. Thank you for sharing your beauty, through all the different moments. Your gift will live on, in a call to be present, to give, to appreciate, to create, to love. My good thoughts to you and your loved ones.


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