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the long goodbye

Not alone.

Susan had her surgery in Sherbrooke, Quebec. That is where she received the news and that is where she told me her diagnosis. It was March 8. Winter in Quebec. I made my way back to my hotel room, which thankfully was only a kilometer away from the hospital. Except for my teenage sons in Montreal, I don’t have any family within 3000 kilometers. I sat on my bed and I called my sisters, Betty and Susan (yes, I have 2 Susans in my life). I called them that night and explained as best I could what was happening. Both of them are experienced nurses and they knew what the language meant, knew the blunt force of the diagnosis. They asked me what I needed. Oddly enough I knew what I needed. I needed to be not alone.

Go figure.

Usually I’d wait a period of time before…

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