Roy’s Blog: The Long Goodbye

Roy has written another beautiful post, The Long Goodbye. You can read it here: Roy’s Blog

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  1. Why am I here? She is sitting in her favorite chair, this once robust, joy filled lady , who could light up a room with her laughter, is now 86 pounds. Three years prior to this, she walked into the living room, and asked her great granddaughters who they were, and why they were there. She could not understand who they were, or why they were there. She walked into the spare room, and asked who she was. She said “Nanny, I’m your granddaughter ” She asked “Does your mother know you’re here? ” My sister responded “Nanny, it’s okay. We are here to visit you. I am Terri’s daughter. ”
    It sunk in that my mother(Terri) had passed away several years ago. Flash forward to that day. She is confused. She knows that I am related, but she doesn’t know how. She asked again why she was there. I said” you live here”. She doesn’t understand why she lives here. She said one day she was going to escape. One time, she was in the hospital, I went to visit her. She asked my aunt ” is this the Doctor coming to see me? My aunt says “No. This is your grandson”
    Two more years of this horrible soul sucking disease, she was finally released from the death sentence, as the Lord called her home , and was reunited with my PopPop, and my brother Sean, and my mother, Terri.


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