On Gifts

When I first received this diagnosis, I also received a gift. (No, I will not offend anyone who is suffering directly or indirectly from cancer—or any other misfortune—to suggest that cancer itself is the gift. Cancer is just shitty luck, which any of us can get no matter what good or bad choices we’ve made in our lives. And I would so gladly give it back if I could!) The gift I received, virtually at the same moment as the diagnosis, was acceptance. (I’m calling it a gift because it was just suddenly there for me.) This gift has proved incredibly valuable. It has meant I have been freed from a range of difficult emotions and reactions one might expect with a terminal diagnosis. Most wonderfully, it has meant no anger, denial, desperation, or despair. I have also been most blessedly free of depression, fear, anxiety, and bitterness. This is why it is a gift. Instead of all that hard stuff, I’ve been left with plenty of space for gratitude, love, joy, wonder, peace, connection. This has meant I could continue to be mostly cheerful, still be delighted to greet each new day and cherish time with my loved ones.

I did, however, question the gift of acceptance for a few weeks while I was struggling to decide whether to pursue conventional medical treatment (chemo and radiation), alternative treatment, or simply do nothing and let the disease take its course. Though acceptance had felt so clear and solid in my heart, I questioned it as I was flooded with links to various treatments, promises of miracle cures, advice about attitudes, and stories of survival. (I know all that advice came from true caring, so I do appreciate it for that.) Though I did ask a few specific people for their perspective, I was soon overwhelmed, especially as much of the advice was directly opposed with other advice, and there were very few verifiable facts anywhere. There were only a few things I was sure of. I knew I didn’t want to waste my time and energy battling an unbeatable cancer. I also didn’t want to die. But I wasn’t afraid of death either. Nor did I want to give up if there was hope. But now I wondered whether it were true that if I were determined enough I could beat this, as many claim. I know medical knowledge is faulty at best and woefully thin for this particular disease, and statistics are deceptive. But what facts there are indicate that any hope to be cured or survive very long with this diagnosis really aren’t reasonable. And I have known several people who were determined to live but who did die nonetheless. The fact is, not one of us is ultimately going to beat death. Though many find it empowering to believe they have full agency over their health, I don’t believe we are responsible for all our diseases, or even for our baseline health. Sometimes things just go wrong and there’s nothing we can do about it. (More on that in another post soon.)

All this to say, I have reclaimed that gift of acceptance. Living in a way that is true to me means accepting and fully embracing this experience so that I can do my best to transform it into something positive. That is where my energy is focused. Not on hoping and trying to survive, but on turning this into something that brings more goodness and joy and love and peace into the world, rather than being just an experience of loss. I have received so many gifts of all kinds in my life – especially gifts of joy, love, and kindness – and what I most want now is to leave as many of those gifts with all of you as I can. That is what will bring me peace in death.

Recognizing and accepting such gifts is not always easy, especially for those without a formal religion or spiritual framework with which to construct meaning in an often senseless world. But I think the gifts are there. They’re not always the gifts we might have asked for, but being open to receiving them can help us through the parts of life that seem to be anything but a gift.

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  1. Beautiful piece of writing!
    And your spirit is just so inspiring:)
    Adversities bring a lesson .. I believe.
    Take care😘

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  2. alvaldibarvani says:

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    After maybe a month or perhaps it was only within a few weeks I don’t remember exactly how long time it took ( this happened around 15 years ago and my friend is still living in perfect health) then the Doctors told her : We have no Idea of what has happened to you but we can no longer find any reason for you to start with cell treatment. And by continuing to not eat Sugar and supplement her diet with things like Cucurmin and once in a while just to be on the safe side drink some Pau D arco Bark tea and a few other great anti inflammatory foods
    just to prevent the cancer form ever coming back. There are numerous great foods that can help you kill infections in the body and with the basic of creating a strong body through not eating sugar at all and then enhancing the non infectious climate of your body with foods that kills infections you can fight anything.

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    • susanbriscoe says:

      I suggest you read my earlier posts, On my Disease and On What to Say to Someone Who Has Cancer, in which I mention how important it is to NOT offer treatment advice, especially not in a condescending fashion. You know nothing about me, what my previous health habits were (I ate virtually no sugar and still got cancer–imagine that!), what I have tried, etc. Please save your advice for those who request it, as this is never appreciated.

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      • da-AL says:

        I totally agree, susanbriscoe – people can be utterly insensitive – perhaps they’re trying to convince themselves that they’ll never get sick, never die, if they do ‘the right things’? whatever it is that makes them oafs, it’s definitely self-centered. hope you’ll bask in the appreciation of all who love this post 🙂


  3. alvaldibarvani says:

    There are a few misspellings in my first comment but I cant find any Edit tools here so it will just have to do. But you get the Idea

    In short Try Starving Your Cancer To Death by NOT FEEDING IT ITS MAIN FUEL WICH IS SUGAR, then add infection killing foods to your diet and you should have every possibility to regain your Health

    There are so many really great infection killing foods. Just one more of the many great additions to regaining your health is the help you can get from Kombucha it adds a great number of vital Enzymes to your blood stream and Enzymes is key to your metabolism system they are the workers that do the work of substance change in your body.

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  4. Renee says:

    I agree w you that acceptance is a gift and how I wished my mom could have read your post. You are really blessed. I will be praying for you to get better. Press on. (:

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  5. babyjinx says:

    Beautiful. True words of peace. Acceptance is a very hard stage to get to, one many never reach. To go from diagnosis straight there, you are truly blessed. You know you can do many different things to physically deal with your cancer, but you have already been cured of the mental anguish that comes along with the disease. I wish you many good days and remission. I look forward to reading more about your journey ~

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  6. Teen Soul says:

    This is inspiring and a beautiful piece 👌

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  7. Teen Soul says:

    I love your positive attitude

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  8. I really loved reading this. I shared it on Twitter then realized your twitter handle wasn’t attached . I’d like to follow you on Twitter. Your writing is exquisite. As a publisher I’m always looking for strong , compelling voices. Thanks for writing

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  9. May be this life is giving you more than your normal routine would have given you. Cheers to your courage and strength. God bless you 😇

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  10. Cara says:

    This makes me think of the moving The Fountain, there’s a scene where a woman talks about the main character reaching a point of grace that most of us spend our entire lives working for. You seem to have that same grace, and it is inspiring to see. Thank you.

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  11. It sounds so trite to say, but truly inspirational.

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  12. I agree with you. Acceptance is a gift. And in my opinion being able to accept is a gift as well. A gift to upurself and all your loved ones. As you can enjoy the time you have left with them instead of focussing on the struggle to beat death. I hope if my death-project (love the word) starts I’m as courageous as you are right now. In my humble opinion death is (part of) life, but will I still ‘act’ as such once my moment of truth is there? Continu making the best out of your life and death! ❤️

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  13. ellenbest24 says:

    Who knows what can happen with the attitude you have. Good luck and if you believe then God bless. Mostly I wish you to enjoy what ever is left.

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  14. tgopalan747 says:

    Happy for you….

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  16. eveningmist says:

    That’s a blessing.. and is the best way to cure !

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  17. greengirlgangblog says:

    I love this so much. It is exactly what I needed to read this morning. When closing the yoga practice I take the teacher always talks about radiating love and gratitude for this is the highest vibration of all and your life will positively follow. Thanks for the write!

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  18. Kiana says:

    Now that’s strength. Admirable, courageous, self accepting strength. People need more of that. Thanks for this. God Bless You.

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  19. Thank you for writing this. Honestly, as quirky as this may sound it was enlightening to hear from your perspective. In my family we’ve had a few hits with cancer. Yes, they all went thru the chemo and radiation regime. My mom is a survivor and my sister fought a good fight. As she said, “cancer will not win… because in the end I know where I am heading! I’m just going to get there before you!”
    Yes I believe anyone that does not have faith, religion or a spiritual walk with our creator …. it is a lonely scary world. But I saw the peace and felt us all be carried as we went through this journey. You are not alone in this and may God give you strength for each moment that passes and bless you till your heart feels like it will burst. God bless you in your walk!

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  20. alphonsblog says:

    Amen that was really an encouraging message and inspiration

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  21. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


  22. Your words are a gift to me as I’m navigating through challenging times. I would like to embrace acceptance.


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