The New Do!

This is my transitional haircut. My hair was very long and had been pretty much since my early twenties. I thought it would be easier to have it all fall out if were shorter to begin with. Since I rarely got my hair cut, I didn’t have a stylist, but a facebook call for recommendations led me to David Landry at Salon Bon Vivant. He made it fun, and I actually like the new look–completed by the red lipstick he insisted I wear with it! Now I’m only sorry it will all be gone in a week or so! Happily, I was also able to donate all the hair he cut off. (If you look closely, you can see my hard-earned gray hairs!)

The New Do!

Photo by Roy Cross

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3 Responses to The New Do!

  1. Shiner says:

    Nice do! And great blog. I’ve also had ULMS, and am just now dealt no with a recurrence of breast cancer. I just today wrote a post about cutting off all my hair in prep for losing it. Good luck to you, cancer sister.


    • susanbriscoe says:

      Fabulous blog! I really appreciate your good writing and sense of humor — which sure helps on this crazy trip! And I so hope you continue to respond well to your treatment!
      (My hair is mostly all out now, except for right on top of my head, where it doesn’t get rubbed off on my pillow. So I’m currently rocking a bad-ass punk do! I also had long brown hair for decades, so it’s kind of fun to play around with these other looks!)


      • Shiner says:

        We have a mutual admiration society then, Susan. I was just thinking last night how odd it feels to sleep with short hair. My head is a little sore in the morning from how my hair rubs against the pillow. I can imagine this will feel even stranger once I get to your stage. Keep rockin’ the bad-ass punk do. (Doh, just seeing that autocorrect mangled that previous comment.)


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